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Advanced Training Process for special law enforcement operations.


The Program to prepare professionals of XXI century.

To stop crimes, killers, maniacs, terrorists, kidnapping, etc.


Program's description.


I offer to a realisation elaborated by me "To save children" Program. It is elaborated a unique training program, that allows to prepare the officers of law enforcement organisations, so that they will acquire a number of qualitatively new abilities required for much more efficient operative work in the field of crimes' prevention and investigation. Also it is provided a decrease of number of terroristic acts and persons, potentially abled to make them (terrorists). The unique and much easier and quick methods of quest of lost or kidnapped people (especially children). For example an unknown before location of kidnapped by the terrorists people can be in many cases easy indentified. Also it can be got a lot of other unique dicisions. So I, as principal elaborator of the technology, am looking for people and organisations, interested in its realisation. I am convicted that the level of these organisations must be state and governmental. The speech here is about a system of personnel's preparation, where students acquire all these and many others qualities and abilities in the discussing about fields. In the basis of the method lie such orders of works as "quest order" and "order of the following of invisible information trace". Owning the abilities of working in first order the expert is abled to seek and find lost, hidden or unknown objects (people in general; children; crimers, including maniacs; cars; etc.), or places of some last, present or (even!) future events, including crimes, terroristic acts and catastrophes with the least expenditures. With well developed skill to work in second order, expert acquires an ability to follow invisible information trace of anyone, including a criminal, went through any place recently or long ago. In my opinion the presented here information is quite enough for this technology could be recognized as very serious. In the case if Law Enforcement officers will get these new methods of crimes' investigations, their work will be much more efficient, and much more crimes will be prevented. This is a task of high state importance.

Below is presented more detailed description of my elaborations. All these ideas are absolutely realistic, since I know how they can be realized. In own high importance the question requires the competent decision at the state level, where the program's author needs a comprehension, financial and other support, in order to the technology would get further development and could be used with maximum efficiency. I have already suggested the Program to the government of Russia. My elaboration were recognized as representing high interest at the levels of Government's Apparatus, Ministry of science and State Committee on Higher Education. They were ready to collaborate with me, but, unfortunately, the appropriate financial resources were not found. Anyway, as You can undrestand, these most serious forward scientific elaborations, as absolutely new High Technologies, must be realised as it is required by the coming XXI century. ____________________________________________________________

/All the spoken above allows me to consider my program as a science of XXI century, on which I suggest to conduct serious scientific researches in your country, and though it is long term in general, the first unique results can be got very soon./


R E S U M E : I am looking to be employed as innovative instructor to prepare absolutely new high class law enforcement professionals in order to a lot of children can be saved and rescued in time from any malefactions. I would like to show Your attention that the given Program has to be considered just as a New High Technology, but not as an author's fantasy, falsehood, or joke. It is well known to me, that similar work conducts in different countries of the world, but unfortunately these level results are still reached nowhere. Evidently that my suggestion has high state importance and requires a responsible decision at this level.

Sincerely, Alexander Bursa, Principal elaborator.

Contact information: Tel/fax: 7 095 9152360 E-mail:

PS. Also the Program provides, through involvement of some of its elements into the school education process, a selfprotection of each child from malefactions and accidents. On this basis further it can be created a whole new science.