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Life improvement of blind people by means of NEW Special Sports.

These Sports are intended for the Life improvement of blind and deaf-blind people, Including people with impaired vision and must be considered as Unique Rehabilitation Programme.

Dear Sirs !

It is elaborated the following Sports:

1) Synchronous motions in the space blindfold.

This is pair sport, where one athlete is leader and second one is follower. The leader standing behind the back of follower makes free motions. The task of the follower is exactly to repeat them.

Note: the follower does not see the leader, and also his motions without sounds.

Any defining by the trainer music can be presented as background.

2) Football, volleyball, basketball and so blindfold. Two teams by four blind (or just blindfolded) players each (one of them is goalkeeper) play on a hockey size field. By means of new training method athletes acquire a possibility of sensitivity of surrounding objects, in this case of the ball, gate and each other. The task of the field players is to define the ball’s localization and forwarding it to the gates. The task of goalkeepers is to catch the ball.

Note: the ball does not ring.

Musical background and commentaries through loudspeaker are reasonable.

3) Orientation in the space blindfold (like “Sport orienteering” but with eyes closed).

Trainings and competitions can be conducted in a sport hall, on a stadium, and also in field and forest conditions. The task of athlete is to find a hidden object or place.

4) Rounding of obstacles. («Bat»).

In a sport hall or anywhere else must be created artificial obstacles. The task of athlete is go all them round. It develops an ability to prevent any dangers, that allows to provide more favorable life’s conditions to people disabled in vision.

Also the Program allows to get a number uf unique decisions in the Track and Field for the blinds and othe Sports.

So I suggest them to be involved in the world sport life for the disabled people. This is really a Breakthrough in the whole sport science.

Sincerely, Alex Bursa.