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Alexander Bursa




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It has been developed an interesting new technology in the field of human endeavor, which is applicable to many activities and enterprises. The genesis of this technology is based on ancient wisdom traditions, known to a few elect throughout the millennia, who have kept it carefully hidden from outside eyes, on the theory that all were not ready for such knowledge, and years of training were needed to advance a seeker to the adept level. The methodology of this system is basically new. We have researched among many different and diverse groups to understand scientifically why brainwave patterns change in altered states of consciousness, and what can result from these changes. The result of this research is a distillation of the wisdom of the ages taken out of its mystical context, and applied to every day problem solving abilities for the average man.. To put this research into practical application, and to develop it further into all areas of the human experience, is the thrust of the Center at this time. To that end we have designed a Paradigm on 2 different levels of intensity , 7 and 14 days respectively.

It has been found that the most favorable condition for learning is in a seminar format, where student and instructor work together 24 hours a day for a specified time. The curriculum is based on several interactive modalities. Sessions start with lectures, allowing for question and answer periods, until it is assured the student is thoroughly familiar with the subject matter. Then the students are taught different ways of accessing their inner talents. Next are field exercise, conducted with trained telepathic senders and receivers, to assist the student in feeling comfortable with this new talent.

The objectives of this Seminar is to gain knowledge, information, comprehension and skills in training the mind to expand beyond the five physical senses. All of us are born with a degree of psychic ability, this talent can be trained and expanded upon, specifically to enhance the decision making process of the human mind, based on input beyond the common perceptions. In the current stage of human awareness, there is much fragmented material available to help train specific practitioners. The bookshelves are filled to overflowing with all sorts of psychic information. There are many seminars and schools available to teach specific skills. For example, people wishing to enter alternative healing have schools and seminars they can attend to be certified. Others, called to the path of the Shaman, work for years as an apprentice to develop these techniques. Remote viewing is an art taught by some Institutes. There are also metaphysical schools available. However each of these modalities presuppose an interest in that particular field, and are pretty much shied away from by the ordinary man, who still thinks in terms of the unknown being terrifying. The second problem is, people who are interested in these fields take years to dig out and prove the methodology for themselves. There are not too many resources that train a person in a clear and logical manner, in a step by step basis what to do to experience, realize and internalize these concepts. Our seminars are designed to not only impart knowledge, but to also experience it, and to use these skills in practical applications in routine life, and work settings. The far reaches of the human mind yields many talents that can be brought under conscious control to aid with the quality of life of man in the 21st Century. Crimes, accidents and senseless tragedies can be averted and the millions of dollars used for this can be channeled to more productive endeavors.

Besides lectures to instill knowledge, our curriculum involves practical training by innovative games, energetic and rhythmic /medicine/ dances, mind expanding and dynamic meditation Further principle training involves:

Expert-Operator's Interaction:

A Instructor works in tandem with each student, sending and receiving telepathic messages. The operator sends directional signals from his mind, and the student follows him blindfolded through an appointed course. Another exercise consists of the student's repetition of the instructor's physical moves, with eyes closed. This is an exercise in synchronicity and allows the student to become more comfortable with his new found senses.

The following of an information trail:

Here the Instructor and student also work as a team, but there is less energy available to read. The operator chooses to walk a random route, leaving information traces along the way. The student must track him using only his sensitivity to the operator's energy. In advanced students, or those that have above average receiving sensitivity, the operator can show the student the route mentally. The exercise are designed to create an ever expanding level of awareness. This modality is also called *Quest*. When this quality is fully developed in a person, he can successfully seek and find lost people, and objects, and find mineral deposits with the help of a built in pendulum.


There are more 4 types of exercises.

We would like to call your attention to some important details, between the instructor and student interaction. This system is absent of even the least probability of what might be termed 'mind control', the ability of anyone to influence another man without agreement. During training the student's ability to resist any outside interactions is also developed. This training develops an adaptive quality, along with the ability of self defense, by means of a compaction of the protective membrane and an amplification of the biostructure. The student learns to feel good, positive energy which he admits into himself with joy and pleasure. Conversely he also learns to sense negative energy and does not allow it into his personal space. As he progresses in the training he builds an automatic defense system against negativity. A trained student learns to feel the difference between the positive and negative energies, between reason and consequence, between good and evil..Learning this, he can avoid conditions where unpleasant events and catastrophes are unfolding. This is one of the foundations of avoiding catastrophic events which is an addendum technology. In this brief outline it is not possible to totally expound on all of our teaching tools, nor of all the learning available with this new technology.

Alexander Bursa, Principal Investigator of the Program.

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