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My Sports Seminar with Specialization by many Sports gives the following Unique Results, described below on this page:

Here the Speech is about fundamental Revolution in the World Sports Science.

It is created Unique Technology of Sports Training.

The Technology prepares athletes for any level of competitions or championships in the world. It also guarantees the athletes much higher results in their Sports.

The Program offers vastly to shorten an amount of athletes' injuries, acqured during competitions or drills, that predestines itself a health preservation by them even after many years conducted in the Greater Sports. On the measure of raising the pain threshold under consequent activation of defensive organism power, it increases its selfrestoration and recovery level.

To the account this, it also increases a result of performing any athletic exercises.

Athletes will learn how to create the most favorable for the achievement of victory conditions.

They will be less tiring and losing power. The first high results will be received within a year after beginning of drills.

Hereinafter it plans to excced absolute world records - the highest athletic achievements will be much higher than now, and athletic achievements, considering the highest presently, will be available to athletes of average and low level.

The Technology strictly excludes a using the DRUGS (Drugs are FORBIDDEN!) and stipulates a full refusal of their use in the future.

Also it dares a problem of violence in the Sports. Athletes will be protected from it.

It will be the whole revolution in the Sports. It used technologies of XXI century.

A use of the Technology is provided by following Sports:

1. Track & Field Athletics. 2. Boxing. 3. Eastern Fights. 4. Rowing. 5. Triathlon. 6. Cycling. 7. Football. 8. American Football. 9. Rugbi. 10. Basketball.. 11. Tennis. 12. Gymnastics.

And others.

Also it is elaborated the following NEW Sports.

1) Synchronous Motions in the Space blindfold. 2) Football, voleyball, basketball, etc. blindfold. 3) Orienteering in the Space plindfold. (Like Sport Orienteering but with closed eyes.)

These Sports also can be used as Sports for Blinds. It will help them easier to orient in the surrounded world and make easier the life.

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Spiritual Ways to the Perfection.

Here you can see in what a lot of very serious people on whom it was very much depended were sure.

People were sure in.

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