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As you can see it is fully devoted to the problem of any catastrophes' PREVENTION.


Resently I saw on TV an information program where they said about an existence in the United States of very secret projects & elaborations in the field of human' & humanity's protection from any accidents & catastrophes. Also it was spoken that there is a statistical information of air's, marine's & other catastrophes about that the number of their victims is always less or much less, than the number of bought tickets. But nobody of researchers still knows an answer - how & why it happens. Nobody knows the real reasons.

The Scientific Research Center "New Informative Technologies", I represent, has very interesting "know-how" elaborations and technologies with positive results by these and many other global problems & questions, standing before the humanity. In accordance with descriptions of fantastic writers almost all human qualities we develop are reached just in the future. In our opinion they can be got right now. And we know "how".

We own private materials which can be very useful for the general security of both each person, people, a country and a state and whole the world and the Civilization. Also, with a serious relation, we may reach very high results in the fields of science, education, sports, art and others.

A realization of this project will show great and invaluable help to the processes of the evolution's development; of the whole world peace's establishment; of the improvement of mutual understanding between peoples; of the people's health improvement; of the defence & security of all the people and all the humanity from accidents & catastrophes, including terroristic acts, meetings of very mad people - killers & sadists; getting into a carriage of metro which will fire and so; of the decrease up to minimum of fault's probability of both individual, and all the world's life's importance ....

Alexander Bursa.


Very often we hear by radio, TV, can read anywhere about happening in different places catastrophes or accidents. It be very sadly to listen some journalists' commentaries concerning the events, which come to one: "Nobody and nothing will save us from it". "But where is the God?" - somebody may ask.

At 29th October I have seen two TV programs. In first, that was dedicated to Russia's Army, they said about catastrophes and preservers we rest all hopes upon. The more people preservers will save the less of them will die. And this is right & on one side is well. But let's try to come to the problem on another side. Wouldn't be it better & more expedient to endow preservers by spiritual qualities in order to they'd save people long before catastrophes? Wouldn't be it better, if much less people get into catastrophes and became their victims? Undoubtedly would.

The same expedient it seems to me an introduction into the school's program of quite new discipline: "The spiritual foundations of secure life activity". They would teach children, beginning from the very sources, how not to get in extreme or catastrophic situations: how not to meet a mad man; how not to get into a carriage of metro, which will fire; how not to be in exact place, where can fall a brick or an icicle; how not to be in the epicenterum of an earthquake and so.

Then finally all the people won't be to get into catastrophes and accidents. There won't be chances in their life.

Second program was about a maniac-killer, who terribly killed 12 boys. It was a real horror. I don't want to remember all details, but will say just about one. One of these boys untill the death's moment had a Christian cross and an Ortodoxal icon. So, where is the God? Why did he save no one of them?

And again commentator "calmed" us: "We can go or hide to nowhere from such malefactors. We are not saved from them".

So what, is this a full hopelessness? Is there nobody we can hope on? Axcept, certainly, the preservers. Later is better than never. But for many this "later" never comes.

In my opinion the authorities can save people from getting into such situations. They can organize the spiritually-secure life activity of people. They can organize full security of their country's inhabitants. If they would understand it long before all these boys and many other innocent victims could be alive.

Let's concern to this very seriously. And not on religious, but on scientific point of view.

We own "know-how" ideas, methods, understanding & technologies of such organization. But it must be done only at the state level. So, we need a government's comprehension and a support.

Alexander Bursa, Director of the program.

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