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The Highest Sport Achievements



Attention of Sports Managers, Promoters, Agents and other serious sports related people:

The Boxing, T&F and Martial Arts are the best in use.


Scientific Researches in the field of SPORTS.

E-mail: Phone/fax.7 095 9152360

It is elaborated UNIQUE technology of SPORT training.

The technology prepares of selected athletes for any level of competitions and championships in the world. It also guarantees the athletes much higher results in their selected sports.

The Program offers considerably to decrease the amount of athletes' injuries acquired during trainings or competitions, that predetermines a health preservation by them even after many years passed in the big SPORTS.

By measure of a rise of pain's threshold with consistent activization of inner protective strengthes, it raises a level of health and strengthes' selfrestoration. At the expense of it, it also raises a fulfilment's result of any kinds sportexercises.

Athletes will learn how to create conditions promoting to the most favorable coincidence of circumstances necessary for to win.

They will not be tiring and loosing strengths so much.

First results will be got during first six months after the beginning of trainings.

The Technology allows to exceed the present world's records - the highest sport achievements will be much higher than now, and the present highest achivements will be available to sportsmen of the middle and low master's level.

The Technology cotegorically excludes a use of DRUGS.


The declared Highest results are possible just with non-drugging training.

It provides full refusal from them in the future.

Also the Technology is directed against any kinds of violance in SPORTS. Athletes will be protected from it.

It really will be a revolution in the SPORTS.

So I provide a use of the Technology in the next kinds of SPORTS:

[IMAGE] Track & field athletics. Boxing. Football. Voleyball. Basketball. Gymnastics. Tennis. Eastern fights. Rowing.

And others.

Also I have elaborated several NEW kinds of sports, such as:

Synchronous movements in the space with closed eyes.

Football, voleyball, basketball and so blindfold.

Orientation in the space blindfold. (like sport orienteering,but with closed eyes).

This Sports can be used as Sport for blinds.

The technology has no an analogy in the WORLD.

Unprecedented results are guaranteed !

If anyone knows some coaches, sport clubs or teams, educational institutions or other organizations, which can be interested in my methodology, please let them know about it. Certainly any suggestions of Yours are WELCOME ! I am very interested in them.

Everybody is THANKED in ADVANCE !!!

As I have learned this method is absolutely different from any of existent presently.

Alexander Bursa, elaborator of the Program.

You can reach me by e-mail at: [IMAGE]

Paralympic NEWS, NEW SPORTS for the BLIND.

Here you can find Bursa Spiritual Seminary.

Here must be my Security Program.

And here must be My Program of General Concept.

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